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08:01am 16/05/2008
mood: contemplative
Well. It's been four months.

I'm leaving England tomorrow morning to return to the States. It's been the best experience of my life. I'm sad - I think we all are. However, the memories from this semester will always be unbelievably special to me. I'll have them for years to come and no one can take that away.

I'll also be leaving 7 of the most wonderful girls I've ever met. I don't know how I got so lucky as to end up living with them, but I am eternally grateful. I love them all.

If any of you read this - we WILL keep in touch and I WILL NOT be a slacker. I'm gonna miss you guys like crazy.

So it goes.

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spring break 2007.   
05:13pm 09/03/2007
mood: bored
okay, so spring break 2007 has officially begun.
well, im not home yet..but everyone else in the world is. im sitting here, on this dead campus, bored. but oh well...tomorrow i'll be home, and it will (hopefully) be wonderful. i miss home. i havent been home in like 6 weeks. i think thats a record for me. not sure tho.

i miss brandon.

i want to see people over break. i really do. i hope my 'friends' don't screw me over. when im at school, i obviously don't see anyone from w-b, and i often feel like no one up there cares about me anymore. i want to fix that.

in other news, next weekend is going to end a 4 1/2 year streak. jen is coming back to PA for the weekend. i haven't seen my best (girl) friend in 4 1/2 years and now i'm going to get to. its kind of surreal. i don't even believe it; i won't believe it until next weekend.

this has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life. i hope that break goes smoothly. i can't wait to see brandon, my sister, my parents, everyone. i want today to be over.

i guess that's all. if you read this and want to hangout over break, please let me know. please.
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valetines day.   
12:18pm 14/02/2007
mood: okay
So yeah, happy V-day.

I try really hard to be festive on Valetine's Day. I have no idea why though.

Let's see...I'm wearing my pink sweater, the one I only wear on V-day. I also wore pink and black sneakers. I ate pink yogurt for breakfast. I opened all the Valetine's cards I have been hoarding. My family gave them to me like two weeks ago, but I waited until today to open them.

It's snowing like whoa outside. It's been doing that since Monday night though. The snow pretty much kills my V-day spirit though.

Oh, and the fact that my boyfriend is a million miles away and potentially mad at me also kills the spirit.

I don't know. I wish I was sent flowers and candy and I had festive pink cupcakes. But I don't.
And I wish I was with my boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

The end.
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this weekend...   
04:10pm 19/01/2007
mood: blah
Someone please take a roadtrip to Lancaster on Saturday or Sunday to visit me, and bring Brandon with you!! I'm so terribly bored and I need to see some friendly faces. Please brighten my weekend. I would be eternally indebted to you.

Call me...570.262.5252 or reply to this. Pleaseeeee.
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My new hobby.   
04:57pm 15/01/2007
mood: calm
So I decided that I needed to take up a new hobby this semester, in order to not lose my mind.

I am going to start coloring a lot. Brandon gave me his Tigger coloring book. It is nice, but he colored all the good pictures ; )

I desparately need a Barbie coloring books, or something similiar. Aka, a coloring book featuring some pretty, model-like, Barbie wannabe in a variety of athletic/social/leisurely situations. Or a coloring book from the Dollar Store. Either works!!!

I'm poor. Someone should me mail me coloring books!!!


Liz Parks
F&M #1444
P.O. Box 3220
Lancaster, PA 17604-3220

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thanksgiving break!   
10:42pm 12/11/2006
mood: cheerful
So I really need a ride home for Thanksgiving Break. I actually need one back to school as well, but I am more concerned about getting home right now.

So if anyone would be able to come down to Lancaster on Monday, November 20th to bring me back to Wilkes-Barre, that would be amazingggg. It would be such a huuuge help, you have no idea.

Please help me out. Reply, call me (570.262.5252), or whatever. Thankssss so much!!!

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01:01pm 05/10/2006
mood: anxious
I really need a ride home from my school in lancaster to wilkes-barre. fall break starts, and i don't have a way home yet :/

If you can help me out, that would be wonderful. I will totally give you gas money. It's about a 2 hour drive from wilkes-barre to lancaster. I only need a ride that one day, I found a way back to school at the end of break.

The time is negotiable, and I will even accept a ride home on Friday, but I would greatly prefer Thursday.

Thank you so much :D
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10:19am 02/10/2006
mood: bored
today is my 20th birthday.

so far, several things have gone wrong. that stinks.

wish me a good one...
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to sum it up,   
12:03pm 21/09/2006
mood: stressed
Your ambivalence exasperates me.
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04:08pm 18/01/2006
mood: discontent
I miss my boyfriend :(
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09:54pm 18/09/2005
mood: cold
okay, now i only need a ride back to lancaster on sunday afternoon! still willing to pay generously. please help me out ! thankssss.
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04:14pm 18/09/2005
mood: anxious
Okay kids, listen. Brandon and I are offering what we consider to be a generous amount of money to anyone who will pick me up at school in lancaster on friday afternoon/nite, take me to wilkes-barre, and then safely return me to school on sunday afternoon/nite. if two people are willing to do it, i'll split the money and one person can pick me, and one can take me back. whatever, i dont care. i just need to spend next weekend with my boyfriend! haha.

im totally serious..it's not a hard request, and we are pooling our money so it'll be more than a fair amount. we have some possibles thus far, but im asking you all as well. i'd be sooo grateful. thanksss.
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11:58am 03/08/2005
mood: bored
im getting rid of my aol really soon. sadly, that means the email account ive had since 8th grade will now be non-existant. so while im thinking about it, i decided to post my new email addys so you guys can have them if you ever need to contact me.




and of course, theres always myspace messaging ; )

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08:54pm 19/07/2005
mood: awake
Not too many updates, really.

Life is still good.

I got my AP scores yesterday. I got a 3 in Govt/Politics and a 4 in English Lit/Composition. I passed both, so I'm happy. I'm slightly disappointed in Govt. cuz I really deserved a 4 or 5, but we never got to cover the chapter on the supreme court in class. Oh well. No one in Hanover ever got a 5 in English, so I am more than content with my 4. Yay.

Umm..yeah, it's reallllly hot. I took a nap and it was gross.

I wanna go out : /
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01:53pm 13/07/2005
mood: cheerful
So let's talk about how grrreat the last 2 days have been! Thats right kids, I said great. Not awful, or horrible, or sad.

On Monday, it was determined that we were going to Jared's for a partayy. Okay, I wasn't sure how I felt about this, cuz I was still real upset about Murf. However, Em convinced me to, she said I needed to get out. I guess I did.

Needless to say, my night consisted of driving Brookes car, wearing pajamas to Walmart, transporting alcohol, seeing lots of cops, drinking and liking it lots, smoking, slight infidelities ( :p you know he deserved it..and trust me, it wasnt anything bad), and falling asleep at 6am, when we were leaving at 10am. Then I headed right to work.

God, it was funny.

Work was good as always. Then I came home, took a shower, and hung around. What was I waiting for? Oh yeah...my DATE. Hahaha, yes kids, Liz scored herself a date on Tuesday nite. With a boy who wasnt Murf.

It's been months since I went out with a guy who paid, opened car doors, and held doors for me. It was veryy nice. I had a good time and I hope that we do it again : )

As for Murf..now obviously, I should address where I stand with him now. I have finally reached closure within myself. I know that I dont need him, he doesnt even want to be with me, and its time to give up on him. I have a month and a half left, and I want to have a lot of fun. So I'm making all this official today. I'm ending it with him, in hopes that we can still be friends. He can be a total dick, but I know I'll miss him, so I really do want to be friends. I hope this goes well : )

Today's been going good so far too. I hope something fun happens tonite!

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04:48pm 07/07/2005
mood: bored
i thought i would make this random post about myspace.

if any of you guys have a myspace, and we arent already friends, add me!!


that'd be awesome. i could use more friends.
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its friday nite.   
03:46pm 01/07/2005
mood: anxious
I want to party tonite.

If anyone knows of a party, is having one, or wants to have one with me and some other people, call or Im me. I am in desperate need of getting insane tonite.

much love,
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11:59am 24/06/2005
mood: content
My graduation party is tomorrow, June 25th. If I forgot to tell anyone, I apologize. Come anyway! If anyone needs details, leave a comment, IM me, or call(262.5252). You know the drill!
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12:04pm 07/06/2005
mood: cheerful
Well, it took four years to accomplish, but they have finally removed my braces. It's about time.

It's spectacular, really. I don't feel like I'm 12yrs old every time I look at my teeth. I love it. And I was able to successfully eat a tootsie roll for the first time in 4 yrs. Ahahah.

Meeting for Family Lit at 2 today. Yesss. Awards nite at 6.30. Oh what an amazing day.

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06:33pm 03/06/2005
mood: bored
Well, I am two days into summer vacation. What have I done so far? Not a heck of a lot.

Highlite of yesterday was getting ice cream with Murf. Highlite of today was lunch at the Asian Cafe with Katie. Hopefully I will do something worthwhile tonite.

My sister and company are in New Jersey at the beach right now. Must be nice..I'd love to be on vacation, even if the weather wasn't quite up to par.

Tomorrow I am getting a haircut. You cannot understand my excitement. I'm used to getting a haircut about once a month- I havent had one in about 4 months. I wanted my hair to be a decent length for the prom. And wow..I can't stand it anymore. So tomorrow..it goes.

Oh yeah..when summer really starts, will someone please let me know? Haha..weather in NEPA sucks right now.

Ughhh..I have to write my student of the month speech this weekend, since I have to give it at the school board meeting on Monday nite. AND I have to finalize my valedictorian speech. I will be the happiest woman in the world when both of those speeches are done. They are the only things left to worry about before graduation.

So it was suggested that at the end of my graduation speech, I just start quoting the lyrics to Copa Cabana, and then all the seniors would join in and sing the refrain. Would it be hilarious? Undoubtedly. But I just know that some assholes wont sing and I'll look like an idiot. Hahaha. Although, even if just Tia sang it would be worth it..lol.

P.S. Susan! You and me need to plan out our rendezvous on graduation day or whatever! Hah.

Byee <3
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